• best commuter ebike

    a new day

    Carbon fiber body frame makes it
    lightweight and portable

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best commuter ebike

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M. Bales

Now I'm cruising all over the neighborhood, the coolest bike I’ve ever had.

B. Berkes

Just plain FUN! Great bang for the buck. The first time you ride it the smile on your face is huge, you'll see!

是真的馋这个车子了,确实很精巧,妥妥的能对标苹果、特斯拉、 戴森这些品牌了。


リュックに入れられるとは凄いです!アプリで管理出来るのも 良いですね。新しい1日を始めたいです!!




I don’t just want this, I need this! I live in Japan and have to walk 13 minutes everyday just to get to the station. Another 5-10 minutes when I get off the station to my work. If you didn’t know yet, humidity is Japan is horrible and by the time I get to work, I’m drenched in sweat. Smacircle S1 could save me from that!


Nice product, my daughter is in love with it and has people interested in it.


I rode it today about 10 kilometers, it worked very well, easy to use and to unfold and fold.


You guys are excellent! The S1 is awesome!

E. Rowan

Great little thing, Love it.

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Smacircle Manifest

Movement is not
Just a dull transit from A to B.
Movement is a short moment
And a whole lifetime.
Saving time on commute
And spending time on yourself.
Discovering and being discovered.
Winding and unwinding.
Forgoing directions
And finding the unexpected.
Forgetting the destination
And focusing on the route.
It’s a short trip and a long journey.
All it takes is the perfect vehicle.
Unfold a smacircle.
Unfold a new day.

Enjoy the Ride

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